30 March - 4th Sunday of Lent

Hello there! It's a Sunday today, and it's the 4th Sunday of Lent, just a couple of weeks more till Easter. Last night was really a true bonding session, yet it was a night for me to reflect on my life as well.
While jumping on that trampoline, I had 2 new perspectives of our lives. Either the trampoline, or us jumping on it.
Firstly. The trampoline itself. Without the frame, it can't do anything. What a waste, right? Well, for a trampoline to work, it'll need a strong frame to support it. Without a strong frame, of course it'll collapse under weight! So I feel like our lives are dependent on God, like the cloth (or whatever that's called) that has been attached to the metal frame. If We are not dependent on God for support, when the storms of life rage on, we will not be able to stand up and brave it! We will collapse!
But in another perspective, I feel like we are like the people jumping on the trampoline. God has been supporting us all this while. And even if we fall, like how you saw me slip (:P) we are supported by the strong trampoline, and we can pick ourselves up again, And we can soar to greater heights. How cool is that! So let the Lord into your lives, and he can and will guide you through your problems if you cannot solve them!
In my second part today, it is going to be about the Gospel. Today's Gospel was about light, and most of the readings were about being called into light. And throughout this week, I'm going to ask myself: What can I do to bring light to others this week? And I invite all of you to do so as well, if you want.


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