Evangelization & Palm Sunday

Firstly, Happy Palm Sunday and Hopefully you have a Holy Holy Week Ahead!

Secondly, Yesterday, at the Parish Assembly, the theme was Evangelizing with Joy. Evangelization. What do we usually do when we Evangelize? For me, Evangelization back then was to give anyone who asked all the information I know about God. But everything changed when the Fire nation attacked... I mean everything changed after the assembly. I was thinking, but I did not dare ask fearing that it might be irrelevant. But for a schoolboy like me, I always hear evangelizing in workplaces, or wherever you go. But what about in schools? Then I was talking to one of my mum's friends, and he said, "You don't really need any activity or to start anything, just show it with your life!"

I froze. That's another way I could have done it! Live my life happily, they will know we are Christians and we're happy about it! So what I can say is that, just live your life in a happy way, and show them what Christians or Catholics can do with the Lord beside them!

Today at Palm Sunday Mass, several songs caught me once again. These are the titles:
Way of the Cross - Manoling Francisco, SJ (Christian Life)
Lord, By Your Cross and Resurrection - John Foley, SJ (Communion)

Also, I might be listing down the songs for Easter Childrens' Mass 2014. If you are interested, you can read and try to sing it (If you want to go.)

And I will put them on the document.

God Bless!


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