Post Easter Reflections

Sorry for doing this... late... post... Couldn't get on due to revision for midyear exams :[]

5 years ago. I had begun my journey of faith. Refreshed, Renewed. This year, at Easter Vigil, My dad's on his journey. I pray for his journey.

This year at Easter Vigil, I found another perspective of viewing our hearts. This time, it's the tomb and the rock that sealed the tomb. If you were at the service last night, F Clifford would have told a story during homily.

There was a school that oragnized a Play in America. They had people to act as all the main characters in the story of the Lord's Passion. But there was this one boy. Who was round (shouldn't say fat as I am too). The teachers in that school couldn't find a role for him. Until... They got him to play the rock at Jesus' tomb. [Laughter through the church] So for all the 3 days of the performance, he rolled away from the tomb perfectly, much to the delight of the audience.

From this, this is a new experience. Like as if my stone had been rolled away once more to bask in the Glory. What happened 5 years ago, it happened again. So today I want you to 'roll away' the stone blocking your hearts and let Jesus into your lives!


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