Purity - Thursday 3 April 2014

Today, right after design studies , I was telling a few seniors (Sup Christabel and Darryl) about colour theory and psychology and stuff. Then I was looking through the Psychology for the colour White, which was pretty mush about purity. Specifically. Then while were joking around... Then these few words struck me. Sorry Christabel, if that wasn't exactly what you said, but it was, 'Go and Purify your mind lah.'

And that took me back to 2009. My baptism year. All white. Entering and exiting the baptismal pool. Got changed and back in church with our gowns on, ready to be anointed... And then the Nicene Creed... 'I confess One Baptism for the forgiveness of Sins,'

You might be wondering how does White, Purity, Baptism and that portion of the Nicene Creed... But in my perspective, Our One Baptism for the forgiveness of sins is like the ultimate purifying of our bodies, hearts and minds to face the lives ahead. Despite being forgiven and With changed hearts, but still we're lured by the shadows and the chains we leave behind... So as we continue on with this lenten journey, do purify our bodies, hearts and minds spiritually, so as to be able to prepare ourselves for Easter, where we will be reminded of our baptism and purified again.

P.S. You know, I have this longing each time after any activity, most of the time for the people whom I'm with... And I have a confession to make. For those who know me yet have not much idea about my personal life, I am having this... (Only Some peeps know about it. :P) on someone whom I know quite well, but 1 year older than me. And I codenamed her pineapple for now... you will know soon... (Except for those peeps) Not very pure eh...

P.S. II Now what... the purity level of meh has been going down... with me being attracted by... nevermind. will tell you all only later. Hah.


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