The Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Just 2 nights ago, I was with my mum at the launch of the 6th Run of the Quick Journey Through the Bible Series by Jeff Cavins and Sarah Christmayer, and conducted by the Little Rock Bible Ministry. After watching the video of the session program, I had this new viewpoint and new knowledge of the Bible and it's connection to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Bible. Yes you might know a lot about the Bible, From what books there are, like Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Judges, I&II Samuel to name a few. Or maybe, the characters, like Adam And Eve, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac...

Or maybe some of you know, and are comforted about the fact, that The Bible is depicting Our Salvation History! But You know, after reading several chapters of the Bible it becomes all too boring… For example, myself. Because some books to me back then were simply way too dry, I usually only read either the Book of Joshua, I & II Kings, I & II Chronicles, the Book of Tobit, I Maccabees, etc.

Then comes along this term, which you either might know or do not know at all. It's known as the Catechism of the Catholic Church. What's that? It's practically the summarized version of the bible, divided into 4 'pillars'

The four pillars are:
  1. The Profession of Faith - The Creed
  2. The Celebration of the Christian Mystery - Liturgy and Sacraments
  3. Life In Christ - Christian Morality
  4. Christian Prayer - A Personal Relationship with God

The goal of the Catechism is to guide, assist and enliven catechesis (teaching) which aims to put “people …in communion… with Jesus Christ” because “only he can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity”(CCC 426). At the center or “heart” of this catechesis of the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith is a Person – Jesus Christ – “who suffered and died for us and who now, after rising, is living with us forever” (ibid). Man was created by God and for God and, thus, every person’s heart was given an innate desire for truth and happiness that can only be satisfied by God Himself (CCC 27). Man is created to know, love and serve God, and to live in communion with Him in this world and throughout eternity (CCC 28, 31, 44, 45). Because God is Love, all the doctrine and teachings of the Church have the love of God and the love of neighbor as their final end – all the teachings of the Church are at the service of charity – the “love that never ends” (cf. Jn 13:1) seen in Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross for man’s salvation (CCC 25).

Well, this was taken off the website, which is

But here is my viewpoint after watching the video.

  1. The Profession of Faith - The Creed
This is the story, and as you know the Nicene Creed, that's the complete summarization of the Salvation History from Creation, all the way to Jesus Christ, although skipping a big chunk of the entire journey. But it does show the love that you know of God!

  1. The Celebration of Christian Mystery - Liturgy and Sacraments
That's where you enter the story. Together with Liturgy and all the Sacraments you undergo, you do slowly enter into the world, the Story, of Salvation History, and that's where your journey is. With Confessions, Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders or Holy Matrimony, we are all on this journey.

  1. Life in Christ - Christian Morality
Here, this is where you live the story. Live according to some scriptures, you know, that type. Just simply live your life happily!

  1. Christian Prayer - A Personal Relationship with God
We all have a relationship with God, right? And all these are strengthened day by day, week after week, and even though this will be damaged by our sins, they are being mended back. Always. By the One True God who loves us! Prayer is important to keep this, sweet, intimate relationship with God, so Pray Often!

I don't know about you, but have you, yeah you, ever thought about this, I have… And I am happy o share this with you. Always! :[]

Side Note: I have been telling some of you about the Little Rock Bible Ministry, right? They really provide lots of programmes that are really meaningful! Like now with the Quick Journey through the Bible, I have learnt a lot more about the Bible than what I already know. 

Catholicism by Fr Robert Baron is also another amazing programme which is always so thought provoking about our faith. Who knew that Christianity still withheld so many secrets!

Finally, A Biblical Walkthrough the Mass by Edward Sri. You know the Mass, as well as all its settings, but do you really know what's the Biblical and Spiritual Meaning about it? This programme gives a comprehensive guide about the entire Mass, but more of a Spiritual and Biblical Perspective.


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