Redeemed - 22 March 2015

Yesterday during session, as you all saw, I went into prostrate mode. Some might find it a bit weird cos you don't see it everyday anymore anyone who goes into that position. But I went into that for a reason.
That week was the March Holiday week. But like many others, 'What Holiday?' I was stuck in school for about an average of 4 hours a day. Not a lot but it happened. CCAs, with my SYF coming up I was busy with my lights systems. Days and Days of Remedials and Supplementary classes. Plus with me being grounded for the next few months from too much activities around church, I was more worn out that usual when I came to session that week. I was upset. I was uncomfortable because of the film on Our Lady of Fatima I watched earlier.
When we started the worship at the beginning of the session. I went into prostrate. I was so tired. I needed the rest with the Lord.
When it came to the word 'Redeemed', as well as the 2nd song (remind me of the name  ), it was... A feeling, kinda hard to express, but... I cried. Yep, I did. Knowing that we are always redeemed. Knowing that if I can repent, at the same time I get my spiritual rest... It was nice. The week with so much happenings, the week where I always got into trouble, I could finally bring it up.
It NEVER happened to me before. It's a wonderful feeling, to rest, to bring up my troubles, to repent. I felt a lot lighter. I found my answers, my faith became stronger. I became jumpy thereafter. You saw.
So sometimes, it may not be just praise and worship during those sessions... It's a recovery. 


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