SG50 JOY - 6 July 2015

How many Are Your Works Oh Lord,
In wisdom you have made them all.
The Moon to Mark the End of Day,
The Sun to rise and light our way.
Send out your spirit upon the earth,
and let your spirit bring us to birth
send out your spirit and make us new,
till all creation returns to you.
How's life for everyone? Hope it's pretty gooooooooooood under the wings of God. (okay Chinese O Orals tomorrow so I'm feeling a bit... you geddit.)
I'd bet we all agree that the Catholic community has come a long way, and it is all about the pioneers who made the sacrifices for this. But we all know, that they did it in the Glory of the Lord.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for helping us establish out footing in this world today,
Thank You, for the wisdom to help us decide where ever we should go.
Through the bumps of the times,
you have led us through to this life. Life of the Church, Life In the Church.
So Dear Lord,
Continue to bless the Community, the clergy that serve it, the 31 Churches that make up the Diocese, Our Archbishop, Our Pope, as well as all the people whom you have gained for your own, so that the faith and formation you set out to give shall live on and never die, through the most Holy and Precious Name of Jesus, with Mary, His Mother, and all the Saints on whose constant intercession we rely for unfailing help. Amen.
May the Lord Give You His Peace. 


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