The Mass - 18 February 2016

I feel like an old man just spouting out everything hahahahahah but I'm waay too excited to share what I've learnt today.
I stumbled across my introduction notes and I will share this with you guys too.
The main outline of the course was for me to learn 3 Key Aspects of the Mass.
The Mass as a Sacrifice
The Mass as Real Presence
The Mass as Holy Communion
The Jews often did sacrifices, which of course, involved the killing of the poor animal. However, the sacrifice did not end there. They would then partake of the animal. Literally. This Communion Meal then symbolizes the renewal of the Covenant Union.
This can be linked to different stories in the Old and New Testaments.
In the Old testement, the family feud between Isaac & Abimilech in Genesis 26 is a great example. They sacrificed an animal, and then partaken of the animal. This therefore led to the reconciliation as well as a covenant union between the both of them. They became in a way, brothers.
In the New Testament, it is always the most major event in the life of Jesus. The Last Supper. Every week during mass one of the most striking events for me is always the consecration of the bread and wine, as after the consecration, it does not only become a symbol of the body and blood of Christ, but it BECOMES the very body and blood of Christ. Jesus would fulfil the Passover sacrifice, and he used the same sacrificial language on himself. Sacrificing Himself on the cross, we partake of the Body and Blood, and this creates a very powerful Covenant Union between us and Christ, which will always be renewed at Communion.
The Passover Sacrifice is always followed by a meal. There's always a pattern. Jesus becomes the sacrifice, we partake it in the Communion Meal, then there will always be this celebration, when applied in today's context, becomes the Eucharistic Feast 
The Importance of the real Presence can be found in John 6, at the multiplication of the bread to feed thousands.
The Eucharist is a Gift. And it is often said that we are all tabernacles of Christ.
I'll end this with a story.
During the communion at Daily Masses in a church somewhere in the world (I forgot), there's this woman who would approach the priest, receive communion and immediately leave the building thereafter, not waiting till the final blessing.
So usually the priest would have 2 servers, one on each side of him during communion, holding candles. The Priest wanted to teach the woman a lesson.
So One Day, the woman did what she did. But while leaving the church, she realised that the two servers were following her, still holding their candles. Even when she went out of the church the servers were still following her. She then went back into the church and asked the priest (I assume shouted), "What's this all about?"
The Priest Replied, "Don't you know that your body is a Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus Christ?"
The woman understood and changed from her ways.
Indeed. We are all tabernacles.
P.S. whew this took me quite a while. God Bless your week guys


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