Common Beliefs 2 - 9 May 2017

2 Guys came up to me earlier today, Jeremy & Kok Tat. They wanted to share with me about the word of the Lord. Pretty much told them I was a Catholic. Then launched into a conversation that talked about how Jesus gave himself up for us.

It is through the common belief between all Christians that always make me happy to engage in this type of conversations. Like really really. Getting to know other Christians from the different denominations is a blessing, and I am glad the Lord gave me a chance to listen to how they perceive about salvation, as well as the blessing and usually unfounded wisdom for me also, to explain a lot about my faith.

Jeremy and Kok Tat, if you are reading this or my mind from anywhere, always remember that the Lord is with you always, just it has been said in a section of Psalm 23, "For You at my side, with Your Rod and Your Staff, that give me courage."

Dear Lord,
I thank you very very much for the gift of Jeremy and Kok Tat for the gift of their faith, and for the gift of their experience, that they were able to know you. 

We implore you, send down your spirit upon them, and be with them always, wherever they go, that they may, by their lives and their tasks, be able to know you, to love you, and to serve you better.

In the coming days ahead, may you also be with them, that in their trials and tribulations, give them the sure knowledge and assurance that you are always with them, and always give them the easter hope that you gave them when they first got to know you and got drawn to you.

Mother Mary, continue to intercede for them, that they may find the true light of Christ soon.
St Fidelis & St Matthew, my 2 patron saints, continue to always be with the both of them, so that just like you both were, they may be courageous in helping the Lord in whatever they do.

St John XXIII & St John Paul II, patron saints of ecumenism, continue to always pray for Christians everywhere, so that through dialogue, peaceful interaction & prayer, we may continue to strive and one day, achieve Christian unity, that we may soon unite ourselves with Christ, the spotless bride, and praise the Holy Name of the Lord forever more.

We ask all these through the same Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever.



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